Jeroen Groeneveld
                                                    Senior Researcher                                                                   Paleoceanography, geochemistry, marine micropaleontology, biostratigraphy, foraminifera, Mg/Ca, Mn/Ca,  trace metal cleaning

Research Interests and Projects

- Reconstruction of oceanic paleo-oxygen conditions in the Pacific since the Pliocene (DePac project) and the Arabian Sea using the Mn/Ca ratio in deeper-dwelling planktonic foraminifera.

- Development and application of trace metal/Ca proxies in benthic foraminifera in shallow marine/coastal environments like the Baltic Sea Basin and fjord-like areas in Scandinavia and Scotland and their relation to current environmental change, especially Mn/Ca (hypoxia) and Ba/Ca (salinity) (CONTEMPORARYDISCO, and IODP Exp. 347 projects).

- Determination of proxy uncertainties from variability in geochemical signatures in individual foraminifera from the same time slice to reproducibility of downcore records; characterization of background scatter in relation to analytical and laboratory procedures (ECUS and SPACE projects).

- Reconstruction of past changes in the Walker circulation over the Indian Ocean using sea surface and thermocline temperatures off Tanzania and Indonesia to reconstruct regional and cross-basin gradients (PALIO project).

- Reconstructing Pliocene changes in climate and oceanography in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific, including the closure of the Isthmus of Panama, the intensification of the Northern Hemisphere Glaciation, permanent El Niño like climate, and development of the Indonesian Gateway (IODP Exp. 356IDEAL and DANA projects).

- Ongoing development of Mg/Ca (paleo-thermometry) and other trace metal/Ca ratios (e.g. Mn/Ca, Ba/Ca, B/Ca) as proxies to reconstruct past changes in water column/bottom conditions (e.g. temperature, salinity, oxygen content) on (planktonic and benthic) foraminifera including geochemical signatures in single foraminifera (ECUS project).