Jeroen Groeneveld
                                               Senior Researcher                                                         Paleoceanography, geochemistry, marine micropaleontology,    biostratigraphy, foraminifera, Mg/Ca, Mn/Ca,  trace metal cleaning


Curriculum Vitae

8/2020-..: Researcher Hamburg Univ. (DePac Project) 
9/2017-8/2020: Researcher AWI in ERC SPACE project
7/2015-2017: Postdoc MARUM (Bremen) in the PALIO project
3/2015-6/2015: BECC Guest researcher Quaternary Sciences, Dept. of Geology, Lund University, Sweden
8/2014-3/2015: Postdoc ECUS (AWI Potsdam) and MARUM (Bremen)
2/2014-7/2014: Guest Scientist at MARUM, Bremen
11/2013-1/2014: Researcher at MARUM and IODP Germany (BGR Hannover)
11/2011-10/2013: Researcher at Bremen University, Bremen within the MARUM and Department of Geosciences, Germany 1/2009-10/2011: Postdoc at Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven within the Marum Excellence Cluster, Germany
1/2006-12/2008: Postdoc (Marum Fellowship) at Marine Institute of Environmental Sciences (Marum), University of Bremen,  Germany
8/2005-12/2005: Postdoc at IFM-Geomar, Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel,
11/2001-7/2005: PhD at IFM-Geomar, Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel, Germany, DFG-Research Unit „Ocean Gateways“ ( “Effect of the Pliocene closure of the Panamanian Gateway on Caribbean and east Pacific sea surface temperatures and salinities by applying combined Mg/Ca and d18O measurements (5.6-2.2 Ma)“ (Magna cum Laude); Supervision: PD Dr. D. Nürnberg, Prof. Dr. R. Tiedemann
Autumn 2001: Mammoet Company, Project Lifting Kursk, Utrecht, Netherlands
2000-2001: Travelling Australia
1994-2000: Geology Studies Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Utrecht, Netherlands. Master thesis: „A high resolution record of the Arabian monsoon variability and the Oxygen Minimum Zone from the Pakistan Margin“ Supervision: Dr. W.J. Zachariasse, Dr. G.J. Reichart
1988-1994: Gymnasium Camphusianum, Gorinchem, Netherlands


* Groeneveld, J., Steinke, S. (2020). Development of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Arabian Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum. 90.000 CNY (~€12k) – MEL Senior Visiting Fellowship
* Groeneveld, J. (2019). Deoxygenation of the Pacific during the Pliocene (DEPAC); €203,545 – DFG
* Groeneveld, J., Steinke, S. (2019). Development of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Arabian Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum. 60.000 CNY (~€8k) – MEL Visiting Fellowship
* Groeneveld, J., Gallagher, S.J., De Vleeschouwer, D. (2017). Dating the Northwest shelf of Australia (DANA); €13,420 - DAAD * Groeneveld, J. (2016). Impact of the Indonesian Throughflow on northwestern Australian biochronology during the Pliocene (IDEAL); €15.300 - DFG
* Bouimetarhan, I., J. Groeneveld, M. Kölling (2016). Environment-Climate-Human interactions in southern Morocco during the past 2000 years: inferences from high-resolution marine records; €99.590 - BMBF
* Groeneveld, J. (2015). Reconstruction of PALeo-sea water properties in the tropical western Indian Ocean for the last 470 kyrs using Mg/Ca and stable isotopes on planktonic foraminifera – atmospheric versus oceanographic influences (PALIO); €194,561 - DFG
* Groeneveld, J., and H.L. Filipsson (2015). Guest Researcher at Lund University (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate (BECC)); €41,655
* Groeneveld, J. (2013): Impact of salinity and preservation on Mg/Ca in benthic foraminifera from the Baltic (MARUM Incentive Fund); €31,800
* Groeneveld, J. (2013). Analysis and Setup of a New Benthic Foraminifer Culturing Experiment to Assess the Impact of Changing Salinity on Shell Chemistry. STSM INTIMATE EU COST Action; €590,-
* Wollenburg, J., J. Groeneveld (2011): "Culture experiments on the environmental controls of trace Metal ratios (Mg/Ca, B/Ca, U/Ca) recorded in calcareous tests of bipolar deep-sea benthic foraminifera"; German Research Council (DFG); €240,950
* Filipsson, H., J. Groeneveld, K. Darling, W. Austin, N. Gussone (2011): “Field and culture-based calibration of temperature proxies using deep-sea benthic foraminifera”; Swedish Research Council (VR) 3,225,000 Kronor; €350,000
* Hathorne, E., J. Groeneveld (2008): „Flow Through Cleaning/Leaching of Biogenic Carbonates“; Marum Incentive Proposal; €18,000

Reviewer for Scientific Journals, Funding Agencies, and PhD/Master Theses:

Nature, Nature Geoscience, Nature Communications, Paleoceanography, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, Earth Planetary Science Letters, Quaternary Science Reviews, Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta, Marine Micropaleontology, Chemical Geology, Marine Geology, Micropaleontology, Climate of the Past, Biogeosciences, The Holocene, Geology, Global Planetary Change, Journal of Quaternary Science, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Journal of Foraminiferal Research, Geo-Marine Letters, Scientific Reports, Frontiers, PlosOne, Journal of the Geological Society, Communications Earth & Environments, Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Barthelt Stiftung, COST Action, NSF, NWO, BSF, ETIS, Fondecyt, HFSP, Bremen Univ., Germany; Bergen Univ., Norway; Tromso Univ., Norway; Xiamen Univ., China

Research Expeditions:

2017: FS Meteor M140 (Mindelo – Las Palmas)
2016: FS Meteor M133 (Cape Town - Stanley)
2015: Joides Resolution – IODP Exp. 356 Indonesian Throughflow (Perth – Darwin)
2013: Greatship Manisha - IODP MSP Exp.347 Baltic Sea (Kiel - Kiel)
2013: RV Sonne 228 (Kaoshiung - Jayapura)
2013: RV Calanus (Oban - Oban)
2012: RV Skagerak (Varberg - Simrishamn)
2008: RV Meteor 75/2 (Dar es Salaam - Dar es Salaam)
2002: RV Marion Dufresne MD127/PAGE (Cancun - Tampa - Belem)