Jeroen Groeneveld
                                                    Senior Researcher                                                                   Paleoceanography, geochemistry, marine micropaleontology, biostratigraphy, foraminifera, Mg/Ca, Mn/Ca,  trace metal cleaning


Submitted manuscripts:

- Gallagher, S., V. Korasidis, G. Auer, D. De Vleeschouwer, J. Groeneveld, B.Christensen. The Australian paleomonsoon

- Hoogakker, B., C. Davis, Y. Wang....J. Groeneveld et al. Review of proxies for low-oxygen paleoceanographic reconstructions

- Makarova, M., R. Tapia, M. Mohtadi, A. Hou, J. Groeneveld, A. N. Meckler, K.-F. Huang, S. L. Ho. Contradictory upper-ocean thermal gradients inferred from inorganic and organic paleothermometers: a case study from the eastern tropical Indian Ocean

Publications (n = 100; h-index = 41)


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